Who is this little boy who quads, cooks, and fights with kids and monkeys?


A Tiny Chef!

Source: Youtube

‘Khabib’ also cooks with an open flame – with close supervision apparently, look how well he uses the tongs! And those ribs he just cooked with the grilled vegetables! Yummy, we already got hungry just by looking at it. What a talented sweet boy with the cutest chef hat. You may wonder what other talents he has. Read on and you’ll be amazed!

Reaching for the Stars

Source: Youtube

He once did a stunt with balloons – something out of a MythBusters episode! Oh my gosh, looking at this sweet little boy flying up so high gives us goosebumps. You may wonder where are his parents and why didn’t they stop him and how can a child do that?

Is he even a real child?

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