This 96-year-old Lady Is Selling Her House That Looks Unbelievable From The Inside!


Every Room Has Its Unique Flair

The lady must have spent a long time – and a fortune, on planning out the interior design for her home. No two rooms are the same, but all of them are lavishly decorated. With plush furniture and priceless, antique artworks, the living room is a pastel-colored dream.

The Bathroom

A huge mirror and pink hues dominate this small and aristocratic bathroom. The gold accents go perfectly with the white tiles and the bathtub ensures that the next owner can have a relaxing time here. It’s in perfect condition and spotlessly clean!

The Cellar

The basement is a bit different in terms of interior design, comparable to a salon even. It features a fully-equipped bar and wooden walls. We’re sure this room was a place where many parties were held!

The Hallway

Even the hallway is decorated to match the feminine, intricate interior design of the home. The tapestry goes well with the railing of the staircase, and the attractive side table with the pink plush chair is a place where anyone would love to have their afternoon tea.

Pretty In Pink

This elderly lady has a favorite color when it comes to her furniture. Even if the room itself is not pink, the color still reflected in the form of a flower or a picture on the wall. This sitting room, however, is pink all over! It seems like a dollhouse from the inside, right?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is large, bright and cozy. Modern appliances make it convenient and pleasant to use. Despite its crisp white furniture, we can also find the flowery, blush-colored theme of the home here, in the form of curtains and potted plants. The chandelier adds a touch of luxury to it!

The Master Bedroom

The main bedroom of the house features a royal purple carpet and cream-colored furniture. It’s classy, but still carries the theme of opulence throughout. It is a place for relaxation, which is reflected in its calm tones and feminine decorations – fit for this lovely elderly lady, who certainly has an exquisite taste!

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